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Beluga Caviar
Native to the Caspian Sea, Beluga is the largest sturgeon, which produces the largest and most fragile grains. Taking twenty years for the female Beluga to mature, weighing up to a ton, which can be up to fifteen feet long Beluga produces the world's most expensive caviar. This pearl gray delicacy provides a smooth, mildly sweet flavor of delicate hazelnut.

Osetra Caviar
Native to the Caspian Sea, Osetra is usually the best quality, which is available. Taking up to fifteen years for the female Osetra to mature, weighing up to 500 lbs., which can be up to six feet in length,Osetra produces an even roe, which has a golden hue. Its strong nutty flavor of the deep sea provides a mild taste.

Sevruga Caviar
Native to the cold depths of the Caspian Sea, Sevruga is the smallest and most prolific caviar. Taking seven years for the female Sevruga to mature, weighing no more than 200 lbs., Sevruga produces caviar, which is dark gray or black in color and provides a strong taste of a mildly fruity flavor.

Other types of caviar include:

American Sturgeon Caviar
Caviar, which is found in the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Although it is somewhat inferior in flavor to Russian imported caviar, it nevertheless comes close enough to be used as its substitute. The roe has a true, natural, black color and can vary in nuance shades of black in its numerous species. American caviar resembles Sevruga Caviar in size and has a mildly tangy taste. It is served well with toast and traditional accompaniments.

Golden Caviar

Also commonly known as Whitefish Roe, Golden Caviar is a small grained roe. From North America it is noted for its unique flavor. Although the contents of the eggs are somewhat reminiscent ofsturgeon caviar in taste, even this remote similarity is not easily revealed. The eggs are so firm that they do not burst open easily, rather they are chewed and have a peculiarly crunchy sound. Golden Caviar is mildlyflavored and goes exceptionally well with champagne and cocktails.

Salmon Caviar
Sometimes considered being the most attractive of all caviar because of its roe which is red to orange in color. From the Pacific Northwest or Alaska, this caviar is large grained and is favored garnishing, as well as eating. Lightly salted Salmon caviar tastes sharper and more piquant than the sturgeon variety.

  How to Choose a Fine Caviar
Caviar is the processed, salted roe of various species of fish, most notably sturgeon. It is commercially marketed throughout the world as a delicacy and is eaten principally as a garnish or spread, as with hors d'oeuvres.

Store caviar at 26 to 32 degrees F (in the coldest part of your refrigerator, not the freezer) in the original tin.
Unopened caviar lasts for 1 1/2 weeks.
Finish the tin, or store it with a piece of plastic wrap tightly pressed onto the eggs' surface to dispel air. Turn the tin once or twice a day to distribute oils.
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